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I'm an asshole, I guess.

▹ Kira | ISFP | Trigender Pyrofox | Lolicon Enthusiast ◃
You're the only one who ever listens.

だいじょばない だいじょばない だいじょばない だいじょばな
い だいじょばない だいじょばない だいじょばない

hiatus due to home life difficulties.
please do not speak to me.

baku and aoifhe
are my favourites.
Monthly necessity goal: $152.07/$200.00

I always wanna prevent myself from typing out a whole bunch of stupid gay cheesy bullshit when I talk about my life with you, but it's pretty damn difficult because I'm hard gay. These seven and a half months have pretty much been some of the roughest, trying, and yet fun months of my life, and I can't thank you enough for all that you've done for me. Thankyou for all the experiences you've taken me through and guiding me through the lessons I so desperately need to live a normal life. You're a huge faggot at times, but you're my huge faggot. Here's to many more months, maybe even years together, you big gay. ♥ ♥ ♥

Addictive - Royal Republic



New tablet: $05.00 / $50.00 achieved
Phone 'n stuff: $0.00 / $150.00 achieved
[Undisclosed]: $0.00 / $40.00 achieved
New PC: $0.00 / $800.00(?)


Payment from YCH(s): $211.00 / $207.00 achieved
Payment plan for Ashe: $0.00 / $600.00

To-do (this week)

NSFW commission for HulaHoopLAL paid: 54% done
simple ref commission for TwilightApocalypse paid: 25% done


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